The Unknown

The Unknown

I set my alarm at 5am in the morning for these babies…and it wasn’t all for nothing…I WON! hehehe…my only problem now is, I don’t really know what the middle set is…A good friend I have come to know (through our mutal interest of SF) recently, says it is a French edition of Tomy. But we are both clueless as to what set this is.


Thinking Amish Village anyone?

Vintage Village Store

I am so excited about this find on Ebay. I think it was released back in the 80’s by TOMY. As I love old towns and villages, it was one of my SF “got to haves”…Although, it hasn’t arrive on my doorstep yet, my good friend Joan who currently resides in the UK, and who is the one in charge in safekeeping it for me, was kind enough to take a picture of my baby and send it to me. I can’t wait to see and hold this baby in person.

My Sylvanian Beginnings…

My Sylvanian Beginnings

Finally it has arrived!!! My first batch of Slyvanian Families purchases (hhhmmmm…. feeling the dent in my pocket).
These few items mark the start of my Sylvanian Collection.  Soooo giddy and happy…I still don’t know how I am going to put everything together, but I already have something in mind…
Now all I need is my imagination and lots of patience…lacking both hehehe…but I will give it my best shot…and maybe some items that would complete the look.